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Keep in mind on the far right under the column 'Those in pain raise your hand' is a list of fellow migraine or fibromyalgia bloggers you can check out! Also at the the top of the page, or at the bottom of this post, you can go to my Tumblr page and there as well I have followers who have great migraine or FM pages!

Chronic Pain

Invisible Disabilities Association

Body in Mind Research into the role of the brain and mind on chronic pain

Canadian Pain Coalition

Chronic Pain Connection- Healthcentral 

Peripheral Neuropathy Fact Sheet 


Emedicine Migraine Headache Fact Sheets

Chronic Check out their resource guide to Chronic Migraines.

My Migraine Connection- Healthcentral Great place for information and support.

Migraine Research Foundation

Teri Roberts Article List This is a pretty good list of Teri Roberts articles and she is a well known migraine advocate and writer. An excellent resource of information

Migraine Again Facebook page

American Headache and Migraine Association  (Migraine Associated Vertigo Forum)- the forum is great for support but also posts the most recent research on the subject.

Migraine Aura Foundation - What I like about this site is that you can see all the different variations migraine auras can take here however they do not update very often. Nevertheless pretty interesting.

Halo Simulator -Halos are a common migraine aura and this simulator gives an idea what they look like. Another is the Starbursting-simulator

Visual Snow Facebook Group  A great forum for people who experience visual snow, migraine related or not.

Visual Snow Simulator -gives you an idea what someone with VS can see. (Visual snow Forum)- I don't have as much experience with this forum. People can post interesting research but sometimes it is very speculative. I like the Facebook group a great deal more but the Yuku forum has been around for some time.

Headache- The Journal of Head and Face Pain


National Fibromyalgia Association 

National ME/FM Action Network (Canadian) 

Fibromyalgia Network 


FibroTV Podcast Archive 


Fibromyalgia Articles- - - Current research related articles about FM as well as helpful information that I come across. I write these articles myself and really where I try to bring the most awareness about the syndrome.


Making Invisible Disabilities Visible

The Hermit- my tumblr page

Twitter @Nikki_Albert

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There was a site that had this and I had linked to it on Tumblr but it is gone. So I had to hunt down someone who found my post and posted the whole thing in a forum. Anyway it is around but I'm posting it here so I will not have to hunt it down to reference it. Now we all know the major symptoms are the wide-spread pain, but our pain isn't just muscle pain... it can be nerve types of pain as well, and the fatigue and the insomnia. And even among symptoms there are some far more frequent than others, but it should be said we have categories... like the cognitive dysfunction, which is a broad one that has more than one symptom and we often just say fibrofog. The insomnia... more than one sleeping disorder. So the list is interesting.

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I'm having a good pain day: They happen and I'll say that I'm good, fine, not bad. I even feel like I can accomplish great things... in moderation. In which case, relatively speaking, for Me I am not actually lying. This is a Good pain day, it is Not Bad for me and I am Fine with it. I just don't want to explain: I just don't want to explain how crappy I feel and in which way I mean. Because I am tired of it. I just want to deal with it, without having to discuss it, mention it or have any sympathy expressed about it. Because it can be complicated. It may be a migraine with specific symptoms. Maybe it is a FM flare though. Or both. And then I have to explain what it is because most people think my migraines are the main issue but I could be FM…