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#Fibromyalgia and #Relationships

Often studies look at the impact of how fibromyalgia and chronic pain impacts the workplace and the individual but there has been very little to look at how it can affect relationships with our significant others, family and friends. We know the burden of illness on the individual is high in regards to fibromyalgia and we know it can adversely affect a person’s career and it is obvious the stress, isolation and guilt of these factors alone will carry forth into other aspects of the person’s life.

Recent impact study on fibromyalgia A recent 40 question multiple choice survey was posted online for a two month time period through various fibromyalgia and migraine forum websites. The objective was to poll a large sample of adults with FM about the impact on their significant other, friends and children. Questions included were regarding their symptoms, their demographics, any comorbid mood conditions, the relationship impact (with Relationship Assessment Scale) There were 6126 respondent…

finding umbrellas.

The original quote here is 'life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its about dancing in the rain'. And I was like but what if the storm never ends, so this is my take on that.

Chronic pain isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about realizing life is now the storm ... and finding umbrellas.

We have to understand the situation we are in. In a clear and realistic way. I get hoping for a cure in the future, because we all want that, but we have to live in the now. So live with the body you have. Prepare a life with the body you have. Adapt if things get better. Adapt if things get worse.

Finding those umbrellas that make the storm less powerful are vital. Useful coping strategies. Exercise routines we can handle. A good psychologist we can work with. Hobbies we are passionate about. All the things to help us in the storm and decrease our misery in its midst.

Tope 5 favourite #Somecards I made on #Illness

These are my top five Somecards I have made based on how many times I have seen them posted other places. And they had to have been posted on to count on this list.

 1st place goes to my Lack of Social life meme. It is one of the first I did and it very well liked, you have likely seen it make its paces on pages and groups.

2nd place one is popular in the migraine community and is also old. These days you may see the original or the ones that have been copied using their own photo and my words... so a few of them about. Always loved the way I phrased this.

3rd place one I have seen a few times, not as common a favorite. But individual people like it enough to post it various places.

 4th place I see this one in blogs and in other meme collections like this and posted here and there. People still use this one on a semi regular way.

5th place  one is not a common as my number one, because it is not shared nearly as much but I see it from time to time.

Runner ups:

Medical #Marijuana and #Migraines

I am on a new prescription medication for migraines and FM. The pot pill. Yes, the pot without all the fun stuff. Interesting enough some recently reserch just came out of migraines and cannabis from the University of Colorado.

In the study 121 adults with the primary diagnosis of migraine headache were treated with medical marijuana.
The primary outcome was number of migraine headaches per month with medical marijuana use. Secondary outcomes were the type and dose of medical marijuana used, previous and adjunctive migraine therapies, and patient-reported effects. Migraine headache frequency decreased from 10.4 to 4.6 headaches per month (p<0 .0001="" 14="" 48="" abort="" aborted="" acute="" also="" and="" being="" cause="" common="" commonly="" compared="" controlling="" daily="" decreased="" difficulty="" d…

Once again Insurance screws with me.

I heard back from my insurance company about my Long term disability leave from August till now. They will pay me from August 24 to Oct 14. last year. And no further. Leaving me quite short from October to January in funds.

This of course would Not have been a problem at all had they not screwed up in the first place and put me on short term instead of long term. I was well into it before they discovered their mistake and said I had to apply for long term, well appeal my long term. I had to return those funds. And it made the process that much delayed. Over $4000 dollars of money in delays I had to put back... before the long term process could even start. Had it started right away it would be done and I'd be back at work already.

I might have to contact the ombudsman about this one since their error cost me thousands of dollars in workable time. And I am not to blame for that. So why should I have to pay for that?

The next issue is the insurance company doesn't see my health…

Brain grey matter atrophy in Fibromyalgia

There have been brain scans on fibromyalgia patients that have shown atrophy in specific areas on the brain. Does this suggest premature aging of the brain? We have to remember that these are not long term studies. They cannot determine for example if these areas were smaller to begin with which mean they would be more of a risk factor than an indication those areas are shrinking in size. Secondly they do not know the cause of the atrophy in the area. It is seen in other conditions just different locations of the brain. Stress and pain seem to be common factors but what neurotransmitters or mechanisms are causing the atrophy to occurs? Thirdly they do not know the rate of change over time. They have not taken individuals and looked at their brain changing over time and looked at how they are functioning. However, what it does tell us is what areas are being affected by FM and where the symptoms of FM are coming from and this is quite important for future research. They are looking to…

#CognitiveDysfunction and #fibromyalgia

When we are talking about poor cognitive function we have to be precise and to not confuse it with just be absentminded but studies have shown there are real cognitive dysfunctions occurring with fibromyalgia. What is the cause of the cognitive dysfunction seen in the syndrome though? Is the brain aging faster? Is it due to depression or anxiety? Or is it correlated to pain or lack of sleep?
There are many areas where people with fibromyalgia can point to there being a problem but not all of them have been specifically studied. There is what is called Fibrofog the term used to refer to poor concentration. Often people have problems with their short term memory, their long term memory and their working memory. They have troubles remembering the names of objects, people and have problems with facial recognition. When they speak the wrong words come out or they forget what they say in the middle or they cannot comprehend what the other person is saying. When they are writing they use th…

#Fibromyalgia and #Sleep

Fibromyalgia and sleep dysfunction go hand in hand. Some researchers believe that fibromyalgia in essence is a sleep disorder but whether it is or not it definitely is an important component to the syndrome as a whole. Lack of sleep leads to physical and mental fatigue which increasing the brain fog associated with fibromyalgia. Non-restorative sleep has also been shown to increase the tender point pain found in fibromyalgia.

“More than 90% of patients with FMS, most of whom are women, describe poor quality of sleep. Irrespective of its duration, the sleep is often perceived to be light and unrefreshing. The patient may be aware of restlessness with kicking and involuntary leg movements, or may have a sleep-related breathing disorder such as loud snoring and interruptions to breathing. On the rare occasion that sleep is restful, there is substantial improvement in daytime symptoms. Indeed, unrefreshing or nonrestorative sleep are correlated to the myalgia and tender points in FMS.” CNS…

#Magnesium And #Fibromyalgia

Magnesium is important for people diagnosed with fibromyalgia because generally they are deficient in it and have additional concerns with absorption of it. A magnesium deficiency contributes to many of the fibromyalgia symptoms and studies have shown taking magnesium alleviates some muscle pains but it is possible it may have a deeper role in assisting with other symptoms. Either way it is one of the most fundamental supplements to be taken for the syndrome and most studies show it can help moderate symptoms. A study in 2002 done by George Ramalanjaona for Alternative Medicine Alert concluded:
Based on preliminary data, Mg appears to be effective against tender point pain when used at high doses and in combination with malic acid.Based on currently available studies, Mg is a reasonable addition or an alternative to other known drug therapies in subgroups of FM patients that have low magnesium levels or receive high doses of B1.In addition, based on short-term studies, Mg seems to be …

Life #Choices and #Compramises for our #health

Every choice we make, we eliminate another possibility of our self. I chose to go to university, rather than straight into a job, therefore I chose a significant student loan debt. Just kidding. There was value to that education, but it was a choice that eliminated other choices at that time. The reason people are nervous about making decisions is because when they choose one thing the other thing is no longer an option.

What is difficult about chronic illness is that it is a factor that limits our choices and possibilities all on its own. For example I went on long term leave from work and in the course of this had also been going to treatment at a pain clinic. I had been told that I may be able to work again part time in about a year. So I wouldn't be able to go back to my previous work or income. I wouldn't be able to replace it with other fulfilling full time work. Rather I might be able to work part time. This was difficult for me to accept because I cannot …

#Pain that exceeds #Coping Strategies

Pain can affect our concentration, our working memory, our short term memory and mental clarity. It can also by it self be a risk factor for suicidal ideation and suicidal acts. Pain is difficult to cope with and as such you may related to this to next posters I am going to share:

There are times we feel overwhelmed with all the things we have to do in order to maintain, to cope, to possibly feel a bit better. I think it is natural to feel tired of this fight we are in. We all have days like this. I usually have a pity party day, snuggle in my bed with a good book and just rest for the day. I think we should be allowed that from time to time. Days of rest. And also the occasional pity party. That is not to say the next day we won’t get right back to it, but for that moment we just need a break from it. There are times we wish for it all to go away. Some of these are passing thoughts that mean nothing. Wishful thinking. Sometimes it is suicidal ideation, but only of the i…