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Persistent Aura Without Infarction (PAWOI)

Persistent Aura Without Infarction (PAWOI) is an ellsuive condition where the migraine aura with migraines persists for hours, days, weeks or even years in a small percentage of migraineurs.

"According to the International Headache Society, PAWOI is distinguished from normal migraines by having aura lasting longer than seven days [3]. Also, these symptoms must not be related to a stroke (an infarction), tumor, or any other structural alteration in brain tissue that can be seen from an MRI or CT scan. Furthermore, they should not be related to issues affecting the eyes themselves. Electroencephalogram (EEG) results, which directly measure cortical neural activity, should also be normal, which would suggest that the symptoms are not related to epilepsy [4]. Visual symptoms are often quite varied, and can include flashing lights, sensitivity to light, scintillating scotomas (depicted in the first image of this article), and geometric shapes [3, 5, 6]. Rarely, increase…

We are enough #Worthiness

“The Power of Vulnerability” video

This is a lecture about connection. Because people connect. She discovered that when she discussed connection people had stories about shame and fear... the fear of disconnection. This 'excruciating vulnerability': Have to allow ourselves to be seen... really seen.

Those who have a sense of Worthiness believe they are worthy of love and belonging. They have the courage to be imperfect. They are kind to themselves and then also to others. They are authentic beings. They embraced their vulnerability. They believe what makes them vulnerable makes them beautiful and that being vulnerable is necessary.

I believe that with chronic illness what suffers is our sense of worthiness. Often it is because our concept of our selfhood suffers. Who we think we are, who others think we are, what we think we should be, what others think we should be... all this thinks batter against our sense of self. We may have believed we were worthy but then lose that. We…

To drive or not to drive

That is indeed the question when it comes to migraines. Migraines and Driving do not mix

• If it’s not so bad and we feel capable of driving, we still have to consider that the pain and nausea may be distracting us. • Pain aside, we may have cognitive difficulties in prodrome, headache phase, and postdrome which can impair our judgment when driving. Our mental processing is slowed. • During aura our vision may be impaired. • Heightened light and sound sensitivity may not only make driving unpleasant, they may also interfere with the perceptions we need to drive well and safely.Migraines and Driving do not mix
Since I have been off work, had issues with migraine associated vertigo which is rather unpredictable to say the least and then the migraines themselves my spouse and my mom have driven me pretty much everywhere I need to go. Which given my hermit lifestyle is doctor appointments, physio, specialists and pharmacy. Joy. Point is no one trusts me to drive into the city. I certai…

#migraines and Canadians

CBC news reported:

Federal agency released a report on the prevalence of migraine, stating an estimated 2.7 million Canadians reported to have been diagnosed with severe headache in 2010-2011

2.7 million Canadians stated they had been diagnosed with migraines.26 % of them stated migraines prevented their usual activities.26 % said they felt left out.53 % said migraines prevented them from driving.76 % said it affected their ability to get a good night's sleep."For three-quarters to say that it had an impact on their getting a good night sleep, over half said it prevented them from driving on some occasions, even people feeling left out of things because of their condition. There's some social isolation that could be occurring. It may be limiting on people's education and employment opportunities. That can have a long-term effect."The sleep findings are important given lack of sleep can impact other aspects of life, Ramage-Morin said, noting how the effects c…

#migraine #pain and thinking about how we behave to others

I often think about how pain changes how we are, behave and act. I have written often about the pain facade where we mask our pain because that is how pain changes how I act and behave.... I hide it.

Well, that is not true, I hide in in certain situation by joking around and making people laugh so they cannot see the pain I feel. And when I cannot hide it I become very, very quiet. To the point my spouse will know I am either a)pissed off about something or b) in pain. lol. I also retreat because I need alone time to deal with the level of pain. I act befuddled because I have a hard time focusing on what is going on around me, outside of the pain, but yet I am trying to.

Yet I know for others there can be additional ways that how we act and behave changes. People can become more snappy and impatient. Or irritated easily. Or anger easily. They can lash out at small things. Snap at little things. Because they are in a lot of pain and all those things annoy them so much more than they n…

#Scent sensitivity and cleaning

With chronic pain I find some things difficult to do. One of those things is cleaning the house. I do it in a sort of slow rotation. I do know this though, it is cleaner than it ever was when I was working because I was never capable of much at all while working. All that pain tolerance just to get through work and nothing left over to clean or cook or move. So it is better. I'll say that. But by the time you get through any sort of rotation, you need to start over again and nothing is ever as clean as it could be. But you do the best that you can and I am glad for that fact.

You also have to be insanely careful of the cleaning product choice. Scent sensitivity will get you every time.

With chronic migraines and fibromyalgia both strong scents just do not help the situation At All. I have a brand I use and I stick with it. Cannot stand things like lemon scented cleaners for example. Or bleach, that is horrific. But occasionally if you clean too much it is just inevitable it will b…

Cats know what I am feeling #rest #days...

There are days...

When I just want to be a burrito...

There are days...

When I want to find a dark place to hide...

There are days...

Yes, there are days,

When I just want to be alone.

You know what I mean?

National Invisible Illness Awareness Week: That time was a good one #invisibeillness

I am blogging for National Invisible Illness Awareness Week. The topic for today: just one memory you made that you treasure, despite how much pain you were in.

I have more than a few memories I treasure despite the pain. There are times when we do things even though we know the consequences of those actions. Or times when we want to establish memories with our family because it is important to us.

I look back at a time in my life that was very important to me but also quite difficult in terms of coping with the pain. I was newly away from home which is difficult to adapt to on its own but adds a new edge to coping with pain as you try to establish limits and moderation. Not to mention I was developing migraines on top of the fibromyalgia at the time. This would be for my undergraduate studies at a small university in a small city near to where I grew up.

I treasure this time for many reasons. Mentally I thrived in that academic enviroment. So the experience is something I will alway…

#triptan and heart skipping not fun

While on holidays I had one hell of a migraine day that required two triptans to even just somewhat manage. I have issues with triptan side effects. More so when I take more than one a day or for more than one day in a row.

It did come to some surprise though that while on the road the next afternoon while driving home I got that skipped heart beat sensation. A lot. As in it just kept happening. It would not stop. In the middle of nowhere of course. It kept at it for hours. Then seemed to slow down, but kept happening all night long. And then the next day. The key thing I think about it happening the next day though was that the triptans should have been well out of my system by then.

However, I discussed it with my doctor today and while it does seem odd we cannot think of what else it can be from. I do get that reaction from a few other medications, but not any I have taken in a long time... because of that side effect. So, not that.

It also occurred a few times today, but sporadica…

#invisibleillness week: Advice to those with #migraine brain pain

I am blogging for National Invisible Illness Awareness Week. The topic for today: just one bit of advice you would give to someone with a recent diagnosis.

When it comes to chronic migraines my advice would to be proactive and aggressive with your treatment. When you have episodic migraines they are well managed but then while they go into that process of becoming chronic we become well aware they are not. However, we do not know what to do about it. We often do not have that much knowledge of migraines at that point because we did not need to know that much.

The biggest mistake we often make is that we believe our doctors, or neurologists, when they say 'this preventative will reduce the frequency or intensity of your migraines'. They neglect to say it may do nothing at all and you may have to try many more to get any effect. They neglect to say when you do find one that does anything at all it may only last for a few years and then fade off. They certainly neglect to mention…

National Invisible Illness Awareness Week #ChronicIllness

I am blogging for National Invisible Illness Awareness Week. The topic for today: just one decision you made that was good (or not so good)

I think when it comes to our health this topic could go on for quite a long time as I have made very good decisions and very bad ones.

So I will go with the most recent good decision.

I recently had to go on a long term leave from work. The process of which required me to choose to find a adequate doctor who was interested in my health needs. It required me to find a psychologist to help me with coping with the chronic pain. It required going on short term leave and then going through the process for long term.

It was a decision that had a lot of factors that were out of my control in fact.

However, the fact remains that I needed to not be working. The fact remains that I was not functioning at work. I had about five or more short term leaves in seven years there. That is not functioning. I averaged a minimum of three sick days a month... not a ye…

gastrointestinal symptoms, #IBS and #FM

Often when it comes to gastrointestinal complaints and fibromyalgia we get diagnosed with comorbid IBS with little investigation into it but there can be other underlying causes.

Fibromyalgia syndrome is characterized by chronic generalized pain accompanied by a broad symptomatologic spectrum. Besides chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches and cognitive dysfunction that are extensively described in the literature, a considerable proportion of patients with fibromyalgia experience gastrointestinal symptoms that are commonly overlooked in the studies that are not specifically dedicated to evaluate these manifestations.

Nevertheless, various attempts were undertaken to explore the gastrointestinal dimension of fibromyalgia. Several studies have demonstrated an elevated comorbidity of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) among patients with fibromyalgia. Other studies have investigated the frequency of presentation of gastrointestinal symptoms in fibromyalgia in a nonspecific…

Took a trip into the mountains

I took a road trip into the mountains with my spouse and family for a week to a cabin that my uncle owns. The drive itself was awesome. I love the scenic route into the mountains. The only issue I had was that the drive gives me vertigo well into the next day, so for most of the trip actually I had lingering vertigo but not much I could do about that. and we broke the trip into an overnight stay. The cabin is right lake front. Lovely area.

It was clouded over one day, which my brain rather liked. My spouse took me out on the canoe and everything. The next day, man it was bright. Great for everyone but me. We went out on the lake again but this time I got a massive migraine. Two triptans, a pain killer and a nap later and I sort of got it down to a dull roar. Even went for a short swim. But it came back. Sunlight is a brutal beast for sure. Still I got out there and got a nice tour about.

My spouse and I found Skaha National Park in Pinticton and took some of the trails there. For a s…