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Was thinking about migraine scent triggers... and reminded me of my cat Charlie's problem

And it reminded of this recent adventure... it is a bit of a long story leading up to the awful scent trigger but it all starts with Charlie.

My youngest cat Charlie... look at those innocent eyes. They are tricking you.

Is a possessive little bugger. he loves snuggles. However, if I or my boyfriend dare to be cuddling Bobby, well then, he will not tolerate that if he sees it and will try to chase him away. He used to come into the bedroom around 2AM and sleep on the top of my pillow... sort of wrap around my head. Recently he began to sit on my back... or head and meow at me until I pet him because he knows I am awake, because I am always awake. And he will not be ignored. I try but he keeps meowing until he wakes up my boyfriend.

Just Charlie being Charlie, right? Well... Charlie also started recently peeing outside the litterbox. In front of us. Specifically in front of us. He would wait for our attention, find something around him and pee on it. What the hell right? I got him a bigger litterbox. I made sure it was clean all the time. Nope. Kept doing it. Not often. Not anywhere specific. Always in front of us. Like he was making a point. But one I could not figure out. So I brought him to the vet which he sure didn't appreciate but I thought maybe he had an infection. No. He did not. They speculated he has a psychological problem.

Uh huh. They said if it was in a particular spot it might have been territorial. If we had gotten another cat or we had moved he might have been upset. However, if it was just a new behaviour then it was a 'behavioral issue' that might have developed because of his interaction with the other cats or because he is having psychological problems.

The treatment you act? Why antidepressants. Amitriptyline specifically. I laughed at this... thinking well damn, I could save a buck and get my neuro to put me on it, cut the pill and dose up my cat. But I don't want to dose up my cat if the little bugger doesn't need it.

The alternative...pheromones. Kitty pheromones. When a cat rubs their head against you... they are rubbing all their soothing kitty pheromones on you. they are saying 'hey you are mine and I love you' or some such thing. And they make a air freshener packed full of these pheromones that you plug in that will calm your cat down. They use it in the vet office in the surgery room to keep the cats calm actually. It can be used when you move, for multi-cat households and for cats who have anxiety and for Charlie better known as 'problem cats' who pee where they should not. The one we got from the vet was this clear liquid and it smells like nothing... and it works like a charm. Chilled him right out and he has not peed since... at least not where he should not.

My boyfriend however was at the pet store... buying kitty crack... I mean nip and he found a cheaper version of the refills. Cool he thought. So he brings it home. And I thought cool. he plugs it in.

Two seconds later I say 'Ohmygod. Take it out. It Reeks. Why the hell would they give it a odour and why the hell would they make it so Strong and nasty. Please take it out now. It's seriously going to give me a migraine.'

He says 'It doesn't smell that bad' but takes it out.

Two minutes later. I have a migraine and he says 'God that does really smell bad'

So I can learn a few things from this a) I have a strong sense of smell and b) I know when it will trigger a migraine and c) that company is on crack if they think that smells good. I get why they did it... they made it a color so people could see if it was running out and scented so they could know when it ran out or maybe so they had an 'air freshener' as well... a toxic one. But, really should have done their research on that one. A cat would die if they caught a whiff of that. We had to open the windows.

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