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I sure failed to break that migraine... it darn well broke me

When you get locked in an acute migraine streak you pull out all your bag of tricks. And sometimes you win and you break free and think 'Heck I should remember that for next time'. But then your brain goes 'ha ha sucker that isn't going to fly next time... I'm onto that game plan.'

The story always starts off the same for me of course. Smacked up side the head with an acute migraine and I take a triptan. The story doesn't end because the triptan fails. Either it fails entirely or it only works somewhat and the migraine kicks into full gear later on that evening... usually just in time for me to Not sleep.

That is the twist to the story right there. Not always of course but sometimes right off the get go that acute migraine creates a Painsomnia situation. But I already took my triptan. I can't take it again. I'm well aware some people do, but due to the side effects of triptans for me I can't. I can't take my rescue medication because that is generally reserved for days I Don't take the triptan and even then not often. So right then it is a tricky spot. Sometimes this is day two of a migraine streak or day three and I'm heading into status migraine mode and the painsomnia can be a real problem. Sometimes the way I resolve a migraine is by taking my sleeping pill, which by itself does nothing when the pain is too high, and combine it with a medication I was given that has a side effect of drowsiness... sort of a combo effect. It does the job. Makes me a complete zombie the next day... but Sometimes I wake up and the migraine is gone. I may get another on my usual timeline, but I broke the constant migraine streak. It doesn't always work but, yeah, sometimes Sleep, by literally knocking myself out, will kill the migraine. I can't do it often because I don't think it would be as effective if I did and also literally I can't function the next day i'm so groggy due to the side effects of that second extremely off-label medication that I really question being on in the first place.

So painsomnia has to be pretty extreme for the Sleep attack, so if painsomia hits that first night... well, I'm screwed. Which it did, and I was screwed. The migraine the next day peaked at a all time high somewhere beyond acute. I'm going to have to go with a 9 on the pain scale here by the end of the night due to the fact I seem to have forgotten to do things like set my alarm for my appointment the next day, that I had an appointment the next day and the fact I was not functioning at all. I took a painkiller... which currently is T3s for me... which is like putting a band-aide on a head wound. You know when the pain is that high you are not only not going to sleep but it is going to be a long stretch of agony. So what can you do, right? Can't take a triptan... did that the day before. Can't take it two days in a row without that nasty side effect business.

So mind-blowing pain... used option A)triptan, then used option B) painkiller... that is my options medication wise. Except there is option C) toradol injections. Now I hate toradol injections. I think they are a great option for people, because who wants to go to the ER and wait four hours for one when you can just give yourself one. But back in the day I was on toradol pills and I suppose because of the IBS-D or whatever is up with my digestive system... it ripped a hole through my intestines. So I was put on Arthrotec... which ripped a hole through my intestines gently. And the result wasn't pretty and I can't touch anti-inflammatories even in the OTC variety anymore... or aspirin. Now toradol injections go via the butt cheek... or thigh... but generally the butt... and bypass the stomach, so one would think I wouldn't have a problem with them... but I do. I was told that the aspirin portion still gets in there through the stomach lining or what have you. And whatever the method it causes a great deal of very sharp pain. Like being stabbed repeatedly. Not like cramping, twisting pain as I would get taking it in pill form. Just this sharp stabbing pain. But sometimes it works. So I drink lots of water. I make sure I eat something. I try to protect my digestive system and I give it a go. And I always regret it... but sometimes it works.

I regret taking option C today. Lots of stabbing abdominal pain. And... still have an acute migraine and that pisses me off.. if it had worked then the abdominal pain would at least be worth it. And I most certainly missed the appointment I totally forgot I had because the entire day was hazed by pain. But it is now down to an 8, so that's something. And I woke up like someone twisted my neck in half so the pain is really working its way in. I slathered a bunch on menthol cream on the neck. Put some ice on it and then my head. Because... out of options. I'm thinking it is time for that Sleep attack method and maybe I'll knock it out that way.

Point is... this is chronic migraines. This right here. Triptans don't always work and you can't take them often. If you have a painkiller of any sort it generally isn't that effective and can't be used often. If you have a third alternative... then you are damn lucky, took me over ten years to get that third alternative and by then... it isn't even one I can use without some nasty side effects making it an alternative I would really never choose unless the pain is extreme but sometimes it works so I do it anyway. Most of the time I would not even go through A B and C, but when one migraine is that acute and long lasting you try and break the cycle. Usually you try not to use medication, which seems odd, but that is the way it goes. Don't over use medication. Yet, all those untreated migraines lead to more migraines. So you lose either way really. And that is why you have creams, ice, sleep and darkness and whatever else you can think off to hopefully reduce the pain. And avoid triggers.

Anyway... I have clearly lost this battle. Hopefully some sleep will do the trick. Otherwise I will just be riding out this pain. Or... trying option A again. As long as there is a day in-between I can use a triptan again... but I tend not to for the same migraine because it seems pointless. But I might try it as a last alternative.
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