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The day in the life of office migraineur

Well, first day at new office location.  Wasn't a bad pain day at all which was a good thing.  It was one of those late day start migraines, so the aura phase was what I was mostly dealing with.  A lot of brain fog and haziness but that was about it.  And a slow day anyway because I was getting all my office crap set up.  The commute there was all right since I didn't get much sleep.  That may sound like it would suck but oddly enough when I get a crappy nights sleep I wake up more alert because I haven't really slept.  It will suck more when I get some sleep and wake up groggy as hell trying to shake that off before the drive.  Now, the commute back did suck balls because the traffic was insane... people are really in a hurry and that was when my migraine decided to come on strong.  By the time I got home it was full blown acute.  And still going strong. 

I have to figure out how to get in a doctors appointment as well, now that my doctors office is half an hour away rat…

Well, this is new.... Anxiety

I've never had a problem with anxiety  although I know people with FM and migraines do deal with it regularly.  Me, I let a lot slide.  Let a lot of worries go after I vent them out.  But I have some serious worries and they can't be decided and they can't be let go until they are.  And for the first time in my life... anxiety.  As in bursts of it, like anxiety attacks, but not yet there yet.  Rapid heart rate, palpitations  shortness of breath, a feeling that no matter which choice I make its going to kill me.  That sort of anxiety.  Again it is work related.  With my transfer to another branch I am worried about commuting, about being stuck out there for lunches, about being the only one for that job so worried about being unable to call in sick, worried about calling in sick period, worried about damn near everything... worried that that job is already killing me no matter what location it is but not knowing what to do about it, because there is the safety net there.  B…

central sensitization.

The leading theory as to the 'why' of Fibromyalgia is central sensitization.  We have a low threshold physically to pain (not mentally) because the brain has increased sensitivity to pain signals.

Researchers believe repeated nerve stimulation causes the brains of people with fibromyalgia to change. This change involves an abnormal increase in levels of certain chemicals in the brain that signal pain (neurotransmitters). In addition, the brain's pain receptors seem to develop a sort of memory of the pain and become more sensitive, meaning they can overreact to pain And then I see a blog post about studies looking into why eposodic migraines become chronic.  And what do I see on the list: central sensitization.  I've been reading a few articles linking these two conditions actually, just the way they are structured making it a factor into why migraines can be hard to treat with FMS, due to the lack of sleep as well because of th…

I owe, I owe its off to work I go... lol

Work, work, work.  Such a joyful topic for us chronic pain folk isn't it?  I got what I call 'laterally shifted' today... that is put into a position that is exactly the same money wise and job wise... but literally laterally shifted out the door and a town away.  The reasons for it are mostly revenue based, as in we have four sales staff members and our sales revenue stats show maybe we should only have three.  As to why I personally got moved...who knows.  I really don't want to take that sort of thing personally in a negative way and it was 'presented' in a positive way, as in the place I am going has no one in my position so I'll be the only one and they needed someone well rounded and yadda yadda.  It's not really that I'm insulted because it's corporate business and they do what they do.  I think it kinda sucks because I've been working at that location for 7 years and know my co-workers very well, but its not like I have a choice in t…

Two things that do not go well with car accidents are migraines and FMS

I was in what I would call a minor car accident where no one was overly hurt, cars were fine and drive-able and everything was good.  But first of all I have been having wicked migraines all week so I've had a very sore and tender neck, and had a borderline migraine at that point... so slamming on the brakes and impacting with a truck and getting jostled around like that even in a minor collision caused immediate pain in my neck arching up into my head and a flare of a migraine.  Which rapidly became worse and worse and worse.  At first I ignored it because I had other concerns, such as the seat-belt pulling taunt causing shortness of breath and some chest pain.  I dealt with the accident and went back to work but the chest pain and shortness of breath persisted so I took my asthma inhaler.  I think the chest pain was actually from the seatbelt itself, while people don't usually feel soreness till the next day (or so they told me) my FMS makes that not the case at all, especia…

Spring storm bitch slapped me good

This snow storm began Wednesday night and went though till Thursday afternoon.  This pic was in the beginning part.  All Thursday I was completely out for the count with a wicked, brutal migraine.  I slept till 1pm trying to knock it down.  I took a triptan.  Nada.  I took tramacet, my pain killer.  Nothing.  It was completely untamable.  Light was unbearable.  Sound was unbearable... and my spouse decided to vacuum ( I almost killed him).  Movement at all was agonizing... those shooting pains from the base of the neck upwards or when I moved my head were there.  The migraine was full blown all freaking day.  Start to finish.

Ironically I had taken Thursday and Monday off as holiday days.  Had I not I would have had to call in sick on Thursday, that was just how bad that migraine was on a pain level.  But instead I could stay home, be in pain in peace, in the dark in peace, without all the effing guilt that comes with calling in sick.  I feel a bit better today, I still have a migrai…

April 2012 Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.

"How do you build and maintain hope when your life is dominated by migraine disease or another headache disorder?"

I just missed the deallined on this one, but I'll write about it anyway because it is a good one.  That ellusive HOPE.  How do we build or maintain hope?  No, seriously, how do we?

Because I have no clue at all.  I struggle to find hope and hold onto it for just as long as I can.  I hoped I would be able to find effective treatment... not awesome treatment, but maybe 50% reduction of migraines, which would leave me with about 10 to 15 a month.  That is all I hoped for.  Then my neuro tells me flat out that he has run out of ideas.  He has no clue what else to try.  There goes my hope.  I'm stuck like this for good.  He will send me to another clinic and maybe, he says, they might try something else.  There is a long waiting list so... it'll be a year or two.  So now I hope I survive till then.

I hope to hold onto my job and that depended on getting medi…

I'm going to go get me some Special K

Kidding.  Or am I?  Ketamine for Migraine: Head and Migraine News

"Ketamine is a neurological drug, classed as a NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) receptor antagonist.  It is believed to work in a number of different ways in the brain – relating to calcium channels, serotonin, and glutamate – terms that will be familiar with migraine researchers in particular.  In fact, ketamine has been especially useful in the treatment of headache or migraine that just won’t go away and isn’t responding to other kinds of treatment (refractory).  It’s given as an IV or intranasal treatment.  Of course, this means it’s way down on the list of treatments that will be given – it’s rare and even when it’s tried it’s often not successful." I am way down on the list of treatments available so this sounds like something I can try, since I do get migraines that just don't go away.  I'm going to have to remember this one.