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Too many triptans

Month long migraines and too many triptans. I use Axert, but try not to use it too much, because it causes shortness of breath, which aggravates my asthma and then I get asthma attacks. So it can't be my regular triptan, even though it works better. Instead I use an ergotomine for my regular triptan, because so far it is the only one that does not cause me to have trouble breathing. So I have been using both, to try and trick my brain out of this migraine stretch. Use Axert for three days, off one (cause you need to wait 24hours) and just use painkillers, and then go on the ergotomine for three days, then repeat. Which means I am well over three days a week of triptans, which you should not do. But you should also not use painkillers like T3s for more than three days. Point being, using too much of everything just to battle these things.

And when you take too many, in my case, you get tired, short of breath and chest pains and heart flutters. Then vertigo and dizzy spells…

I have a love hate relationship with spring

Honestly, out of the whole month there were maybe two days without a pre-migraine, migraine or post-migraine. Two days without a headache or migraine related symptoms. Two days of awesome clarity, clear and sharp thinking, where I got things done. On those days the world seems so intenely sharp and vivid. And you are so very aware it is not a good thing that this is a rare occurance rather than the norm. It is hard for me to keep a balance since chronic migraines three days out of the week can easily lead into much more. One bad week of say five migraines, takes its toll and might then lead to anothing bad week or into a status migraine.

The rest has been migraine hell really. The weather unpredicatable, combined with lack of sleep, more light and, of course, the predictable hormonal migraine. It is becoming quite the drain. When you get a status migraine, a migraine that lasts continually for three days, it is killer on the body over all. Hard to break and takes some time to…

Painful Art?

"What pain looks like
Research shows that unnatural patterns, stripes and contrasts in some paintings are uncomfortable to view, and can literally be a pain. Professor Arnold Wilkins, who led the research at Essex University, says: "We have shown for the first time that the discomfort from looking at complex images like paintings can be predicted, and our test could be used to avoid putting stressful images in public places where they could cause problems for some people."

This is so true. When people wear striped shirts it makes me dizzy because my eyes waver on the pattern making all warpy. That is the case with any complex patterns, or contrastiny patterms.

Study volunteers were asked to rate a number of paintings using a seven-point scale for both artistic merit and visual comfort, and the images were then analysed. This showed revealed factors unique to the uncomfortable images. In particular, there were strong contrasts between light and dark, combined at specif…

Sleep study

I am not sure how effective a sleep study is on an insomniac, when the study itself insures it is near impossible to get to sleep. In an unfamiliar place, an uncomfortable bed, with a thin blanket and wrapped in cords. It is crazy uncomfortable with sensors taped all over. I did not really sleep much at all, since it was not my normal bed time to begin with. I tried to be carefully comfortable, as to not wrap myself in cords or unplug things. When I finally dozed off, it was not a deep sleep. I know that I woke up four times to carefully change position, but more times than that. The last time, since I had no idea what time it was, felt like it had to be near the end, but I had a few hours of just laying there before it was finished.

So I am not sure if they recorded any useful information. I really hope so, since that lack of breathing thing that wakes me up sometimes, seriously freaks me out. But the sleeping test is for sleep apnea, which I don't think I have. It had…

The never ending migraine

Or so it feels like. This migraine has been attacking me for weeks now. Every single day. Some days worse than others, but when it comes down to it, you have to start juggling how you treat them at that point. I am not sure if it the weather that has been dramatically changing every day, or just a killer migraine that is hard to treat. It means I have been useless. Can't do anything when I come home from work. I just want to sleep if I can. At work it has been off and on. Those days when you are just so hazy nothing seems to stick and you eratically forget simple things. Other days that sort of hopmania and shakes. And other days just cranky from the pain. I use up my reserves to get through, and then when work is done, I have already taken my meds and they are not working, and I am out ta lunch then. Even when it is not full blown, it is there, that lingering sharp pain and then the throbbing pain when you lie down. Lovely. Have not been sleeping well as it is and …